18, Oct 2022
Astrology Zodiac Signs
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The Astrology Zodiac Signs are based on the planets and stars, and each is ruled by a particular planet. For example, the first sign of the zodiac is Aries, whose energy is ruled by the sun. Aries is a highly energetic, quick-witted, and competitive sign. It is closely linked to Mercury, the planet of communication and thought. Gemini is a social and intellectual sign, and is also ruled by Mercury, the planet of thought. Despite its name, Gemini is an Air sign and is associated with thought and motion.

The Astrology Zodiac Signs are also categorized according to the element that represents their nature. Fire, for example, is bold and audacious. Fire signs are also fiery and passionate. Air signs, on the other hand, are intellectual and talkative. And the last element is earth, which relates to the senses, and is the most practical of all the elements.

Water signs are also ruled by the planets Neptune and Jupiter. People born under these signs are innovative, artistic, and compassionate, but also shy. Pisces, meanwhile, are very sensitive and artistic. They may be shy, but they are good at conversation. However, they tend to have a difficult time expressing themselves when they are feeling sad or upset, so they may need to seek the company of others.

Leo: Leo is the unofficial ruler of the zodiac. It is a communicator and a leader with intuitive abilities. It is a watery sign, ruled by the moon, and is associated with the fifth house of pleasure and children. However, Leos are often prone to conflict.Source

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