5, Nov 2023
Dangers of Delta-8 THC
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Dangers of Delta-8 THC

Because of the lack of research, it’s unclear what effects delta 8-THC may have. But the fact that it’s unregulated means the potential for harmful contaminants is high. One expert tells NBC News that products made from delta-8 are often produced in uncontrolled and unsanitary conditions, which can lead to unsafe levels of chemicals or other substances.

Dangers of Delta-8 THC Hudalla, chief scientific officer of ProVerde Laboratories in Massachusetts, says he’s examined thousands of delta-8 THC products and found all of them contained dangerous contaminants. He says poor cultivation practices or contaminated soil can cause heavy metals to build up in the plant material used for delta-8 extraction, which is then ingested by consumers. He also points out that many of these products are packaged and marketed in ways that make them appealing to kids and young people, including as candy or in gummies, chocolates, cookies, and other treats. He says this increases the risk of unintentional consumption and poisoning.

Navigating the Haze: Unveiling the Dangers of Delta-8 THC

Between January and February 2021, national poison control centers received more than 100 reports of people hallucinating, vomiting or losing consciousness after consuming delta-8 THC. Of those, 77% required medical evaluation at a health care facility. And 8% resulted in hospital admission, with one pediatric case resulting in death.

In addition, many of these products are vaporized and inhaled, which can increase the toxicity of the drug. At Oxford Treatment Center, a provider of substance use disorder treatment and co-occurring mental health disorders, the director of clinical operations says the recent stories of fentanyl-laced delta-8-THC products have been alarming. She adds that until the federal government reschedules marijuana, which would allow for better regulation of hemp and delta-8 THC, state-level policies such as contaminant testing and age requirements for purchasing delta-8 products could help reduce harm.

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