25, Apr 2022
Essential Body Piercing Supplies
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piercing supplies

When it comes to piercing, it’s important to purchase sterile equipment, as well as spill kits. Invest in a manual that explains the process, and includes pictures and diagrams. It should also include numbered instructions and an easy-to-follow layout. If you’re just starting out, a simple book can give you tips and tricks for safe piercing. And of course, you should have a supply of sterile needles, thread, saline, and gauze.

These Forceps Are Used To Hold Jewelry Securely While Piercing The Body

One essential body piercing supplies is a pair of hemostat forceps. These forceps are used to hold jewelry securely while piercing the body. It’s best to get a pair that fit comfortably, as it can help you pierce the body in the most comfortable way possible. Hematomat forceps come in straight and curved varieties. They’re useful for piercing both earlobes and septums.

Barbells are another essential piercing supply. These can vary in material and ball end. One of the most popular forms of body jewelry is the ball closure ring, also known as a captive bead ring. These have smooth edges so that your piercing won’t catch, and are great for the healing process. They can also be used to close up an already existing piercing. These accessories make it easy for you to perform the piercing while the healing period is in progress.

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