1, Nov 2023
Finding a Dispensary Near Union Station
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Whether you’re looking to shop, dine or relax, Union Station is a vibrant hub of activity. This historic railway station has been transformed into a world-class destination with renowned restaurants, shops, and meeting spaces loved by both locals and visitors.

What cities in Colorado do not allow dispensaries?

Marijuana Delivery

The first-ever legal dispensary near me recreational cannabis delivery services began in Denver in 2021, when Doobba launched weed deliveries to locals. The service has been an immediate success, and many of the city’s best dispensaries now offer weed delivery in addition to storefront pickup. Delivery fees are typically $5-$15, but savvy consumers can often save on delivery by ordering from one of the lower-priced dispensaries in the area.

In Colorado, weed delivery is available to private residential addresses only. This is different from the rest of the nation, where most cities permit recreational weed delivery to commercial premises such as bars and restaurants (although these locations are typically not licensed for public consumption).

A few things to keep in mind:

As the capital of marijuana culture, it’s no surprise that Denver offers the widest selection of marijuana products. In the metro, you can find everything from the highest quality flower to the latest concentrates and edibles. Some of the city’s best dispensaries also boast incredibly knowledgeable staff and top-notch customer service, plus fun events like live music and happy hours.

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