4, Jul 2023
Heat Treatment Services Company
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A heat treatment services company is a business that utilizes specialized heating techniques to impart beneficial working properties onto metal for its paired customers. This type of business is often an in-house division of a metal component or metal supplier, as the high temperatures required to forge/cast a part can also be used to heat treat that same piece post-manufacturing. However, standalone heat treatment companies exist, as well.

What does a heat treating company do?

The primary means of post weld heat treatment (pwht) are annealing, hardening and tempering. Each of these has a different effect on the metal being treated. Annealing softens the material, while hardening and tempering create more strength and ductility. Cooling is also a key factor in determining the outcome of heat treatment. Cooling may involve gas or liquids engulfing the metal, or it can be done at room temperature.

Another option for heat treatment is the VacMet process, which uses hydrogen atmosphere to treat metals. This type of processing can be utilized for carburizing, case hardening and other treatments. This is a method of heat treating that can be used for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

A heat treatment services company will employ metallurgists and other technicians to perform these types of operations. The metallurgists will communicate the desired results to be achieved from each commercial project with the customer, and then determine what procedures are most appropriate. The metallurgists will also be responsible for the physical safety of employees involved in the process, as there are some dangers associated with heat treatment.

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