21, Jul 2023
Letterboxed Scam
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letterboxed scam

If you have been on the letterboxed scam, chances are you’ve seen a Letterboxed scam email floating around. It looks official, but is actually a malicious phishing attempt to steal personal information.

The scam email reads: “Please confirm that you have a PS49 subscription and 14-day trial on your Letterboxd account.” If you click the link, you will be redirected to a page that looks exactly like Letterboxd but is run by criminals, according to police in Australia. The criminals are able to collect users’ personal details and also debit money from their PayPal accounts.

A popular social network for film lovers, Letterboxd allows members to create lists of films and showcase their favorite films. They can also keep track of what they have watched by writing diary entries and making lists. They can also connect with fellow cinephiles, share opinions and create lists of films based on genre, actor or director.

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However, the site does not verify users’ identities and it is possible to become a “Top Contributor” with thousands of followers, despite not being verified. The top contributors are paid for by the platform and can choose to become a Pro or Patron account, which comes with special perks.

Fraudsters are targeting flats in areas such as Bromley, Harrow, Manchester and Twickenham. Criminals gain access to flats by stealing post from communal hallways, which are often unlocked or unsecured. Items containing financial information, such as bank statements or utility bills are especially valuable to criminals.

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