11, Oct 2023
Mushroom Chocolate
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Mushroom Chocolate is a popular way to ingest psilocybin mushrooms for both wellness and microdosing purposes. While mushroom-infused edibles such as tea, coffee, and juice are commonly used to achieve the desired effects, some people prefer the more portable, convenient, and discreet option of mixing their magic mushrooms with chocolate. Go here heysero.co

Mushroom chocolate can be made at home by simply melting chocolate in a DIY bain-marie. A glass bowl is placed over a saucepan with water, and the chocolate is slowly melted while stirring to prevent scorching. Once the chocolate is melted, dried magic mushrooms are added and mixed thoroughly. Lastly, the mixture is poured into a chocolate mold and placed in the fridge until set.

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Typically, each piece of mushroom chocolate contains one gram of psilocybin. Since there is a lot of variation in the strength of different strains of psilocybin, it’s important for users to understand exactly how much mushroom they are eating in each chocolate bar. For this reason, it’s often a good idea to label each chocolate bar with the specific strain of psilocybin it contains.

Aside from being a delicious treat, mushroom chocolate is also a useful tool to have on hand for travel and other situations in which it may be difficult or impossible to make fresh mushroom food. The best part about this recipe is that it can be made with many types of mushrooms. Depending on personal preferences, some can include reishi, lion’s mane, and even rose petals (for a heart-opening effect). The only limitation is the amount of dry mushroom powder required to create the proper consistency.

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