5, Jun 2023
Real Estate in Malta – The Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Malta
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Malta is one of the strongest real estate markets in Europe, with a fantastic climate and government incentives for businesses. It’s also a place where you can live the dream of owning your own property, especially with its high rental income and the chance to acquire EU citizenship.

How much does it cost to buy property in Malta?

Stefan Consiglio is 100% Maltese and has been an estate agent in Malta since 2003. He founded, and now manages, malta property Auctioneers, the only company in the country that specialises in selling property via an auction process. This means that he has overseen numerous transparent transactions and understands the true market value of properties in Malta.

There are many different types of property in Malta for sale, from apartments and maisonettes to villas and older homes with captivating historic features. It’s also possible to buy land and build your own home if you’re a skilled developer or contractor.

As a general rule, foreigners need a permit to purchase residential real estate in Malta, but the rules are relaxed when purchasing property within Special Designated Areas (SDA). Moreover, SDA complexes allow investors to purchase several objects and rent them out without restrictions.

Generally, SDA apartments and villas are in demand among tourists, so they can yield up to 5-9% per annum. Investors also prefer to buy a property in Sliema or St. Julian’s, as these cities are renowned for their wide range of restaurants, nightlife activities and shopping centers. Other popular areas include Valletta and Mdina for a more upscale lifestyle, or Zebbug or Rabat in Gozo for a quieter country life.

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