17, Feb 2022
Social Entreprenuers – Marc Kielburger and Craig Kielburger
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social entreprenuers

Social entrepreneurs focus on social issues and a broader market. They focus on a problem and find a way to make it better, often by creating a solution for a local concern or problem that can be applied to many contexts. A social entrepreneur will use these characteristics to build a business and bring about systemic change. This approach is particularly valuable in the developing world. The characteristics of Mother Teresa and the like are often combined in a social entrepreneur.

Find A Quick Way To Social Entreprenuers – Marc Kielburger And Craig Kielburger

Marc Kielburger is one of the most successful social entrepreneurs in the world. He co-founded ME to WE, an educational nonprofit that has helped to lift one million people out of poverty. Today, the charity has expanded its mission to include inspiring young change-makers in schools, connecting youth with global issues and building 650 schools. He has also been featured on Oprah Winfrey and 60 Minutes and his work has been profiled by the BBC and in the media.

Craig Kielburger is a social entrepreneur and co-founder of the WE movement. He is well-known as the “father of microcredit” and is part of the WE movement, a worldwide social movement aimed at improving lives and fostering change. Since the age of twelve, Kielburger has inspired people to take action and connect with their purpose. His life journey started in his parents’ living room and has now led him to visit slums across the globe and build an international organization.

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