8, May 2023
State and Liberty – Athletic Fit Dress Shirts
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athletic fit dress shirts

Many men who have an athletic build work hard to sculpt their physique. They deserve to wear clothes that compliment their bodies. Standard and slim fits from department stores do not do this well. Slim fits tend to be uncomfortably tight in the chest and arms while standard fits often fail to taper to the waist leaving baggy shirts that look ugly. The solution to this is getting a tailored dress shirt but that can be expensive. The alternative is to find a company that makes dress shirts for athletic builds without the cost of big brand custom tailoring. This is where State and Liberty comes in. They have a new dress shirt fit called the Athletic Fit. Learn more athletic fit dress shirts – tailoredathlete.com

The Athletic Fit dress shirts from State and Liberty have more room in the chest, shoulders, and arms while still tapering to a slim waist. They also have a wider neck and biceps than a slim fit while having darts in the back to give the body a sleeker appearance when tucked in.

Elevate Your Style: The Essential Guide to Athletic Fit Dress Shirts

These shirts also have 4-way stretch which makes them very comfortable to wear from the gym to the office and everything in between. They can be worn casually by wearing them untucked with jeans and tennis shoes or tucked in with a pair of suit pants. They can even be worn with a jacket and dress shoes for a more formal attire. The biggest drawback to the Athletic Fit is that it does not fit as close to the body as a regular fit. This is not a problem for most athletic built men but it should be noted for anyone who wants to avoid a baggy appearance in the torso and arms.

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