9, Aug 2023
The Gary Payton Strain
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The GreenSociety strain is a balanced hybrid that offers Sativa and Indica effects. It was developed by breeder Cookies and is a cross between Snow Man and the Y (also known as Y Griega). This weed strain has a high THC content and is characterized by its unique blend of flavors and aromas, which include pepper, lavender, and apricot. The terpenes in this strain help to provide a relaxing effect that can also be beneficial for anxiety and stress relief.

The name of this marijuana strain was inspired by the late NBA star Gary Payton and it has become a coveted strain among cannabis enthusiasts. It was first teased by Berner in 2019 and has since gained widespread popularity among consumers. This strain has a potent THC level of up to 21% and features a pleasant, earthy, and gassy flavor profile. Its dominant terpene is caryophyllene and it also contains limonene and pinene.

Growing Like a Pro: Cultivating the Gary Payton Strain for Top-Tier Buds

In terms of its effects, the gary payton strain is a good choice for daytime use. It will give you a natural energy boost that will be helpful for handling tasks and getting through the day. This is a great choice for anyone who needs a little motivation to work on their projects or catch up on some sports. Once the day is over, this bud will settle in to deliver a soothing body high that will relax all of your muscles and eliminate any negative thoughts or stress.

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