21, Oct 2022
The Growth of the Gaming Industry in Thailand
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Taking a look at the RWY Sports เว็บพนันชั้นนำ scene in Thailand, you will see a number of factors influencing its growth. These include the fact that gaming has become more mainstream and is now part of the national culture. The government has taken note of the industry’s potential and is working to make Thailand a technological wonder in the next twenty years.

Why are old TVs good for gaming?

A recent survey of gamers in Thailand, conducted by NewZoo, revealed the country’s gaming market has grown at a significant rate over the past year. The research also found that Thailand is more enamored of online gaming than most other countries.

The country has been a hotbed for gaming innovation in recent years. With the advent of mobile gaming and the rise of esports, the gaming industry has exploded in Thailand.

The Thai gaming industry has received a massive boost, with investors flocking to the country to take advantage of its unique gaming culture. Several major game developers have offices in Thailand. These include King and Supercell, as well as small indie developers.

The Thai gaming market is forecasted to grow by at least 15 percent annually until 2025. The country’s gaming industry is expected to earn around US$1 billion this year.

Despite the industry’s impressive growth, Thailand still lags behind European countries in the online gaming market. The country is the ninth in Google Play’s list of in-app downloads.

According to the Digital Economy Promotion Agency, Thailand’s gaming industry is expected to generate a staggering US$2 billion annually by 2025. The government has launched the agency to support the industry’s development. The agency is focusing on five key areas.

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