20, Jun 2023
Top 5 Budget Car Seats For Kids
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While there are some nice-to-have features (like convenient cup holders or adjustable headrests) that can add to comfort and convenience, many parents will also find that weight and ease of installation matter more. For example, Suburban parents may have a single vehicle and can install their seat in one spot with minimal alterations, while other families will drive more frequently and require a mobile seat that is easy to move between vehicles and/or take on airplanes. Resource : https://www.lakeviewchildcenter.org/

Does car seat go behind driver or passenger?

The best budget convertible car seat we’ve found is the Graco Extend2Fit, which can work from birth to toddlerhood and then converts to a high back booster. It has some of the best crash test results we’ve ever seen, as well as impressive head and chest sensor coverage. It even has the option to use lower anchors and tethers for easier, more stable installations—since incorrect or loose car seats are among the leading causes of child seat-related injuries and deaths.

Another great option is the Evenflo Gold Revolve, which swivels from rear-facing to forward-facing with the push of a button. While it can be a little heavy, it is still lighter than some other rotation car seats on the market. It’s also got a LATCH system, which makes installing it with your vehicle’s seat belts quick and simple.

Finally, we love the UberBoost, which is inflatable and easy to pack in a suitcase or backpack. It is a great choice for air travel, vacations, or frequent Lyft and Uber rides. This booster seat also has a built-in handle in the front, which makes it easy to carry and is machine washable for added durability.

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